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Request fields updates

The column CB2A describe how the field will be used in authorization.

Payline Field Name



3DS Field Origin


containerVersion2 charsMandatoryN/A

Field used to identify the version of the JSON container.

Version 2 will be available the 29th january 2020.


2 charsConditional

eci in ARes message if Frictionless

eci in RReq message if Challenge

Required if present in 3DS message.


28 charsConditional

authenticationValue in ARes message if Frictionless

authenticationValue in RReq message if Challenge

Required if present in 3DS message.


1 charConditional

CB-AVALGO in ARes message if Frictionless

CB-AVALGOin RReq message if Challenge

Required if present in 3DS message.


2 charsConditional

Type of authentication done.

Required if present in 3DS message.

Values could be :

  • FR : When frictionless
  • CH : When challenge


32 charsConditional

acsperatorID in ARes message for Frictionless and Challenge

Required if present in 3DS.

If frictionless and acsOperatorID = "CB-DS" message, the field 59-419 must be set to "FD"


2 charsConditional

This data is set by Cardinal in the field AReq.threeDSRequestorChallengeInd

The same value must be send to payline

Specific using.
It indicates to the scheme and the issuer the merchant preference.
Required if present in 3DSmessage.

Values could be :

  • 01 = No preference
  • 02 = No challenge requested
  • 03 = Challenge requested : 3DS Requestor Preference
  • 04 = Challenge requested: Mandate


1 charConditional

transStatus in ARes message if Frictionless

transStatus in RReq message if Challenge

Required if present in 3DS message.

Values could be :

  • Y = Authentication/ Account Verification Successful
  • N = Not Authenticated /Account Not Verified; Transaction denied
  • U = Authentication/ Account Verification Could Not Be Performed; Technical or other problem, as indicated in ARes or RReq
  • A = Attempts Processing Performed; Not Authenticated/Verified, but a proof of attempted authentication/verification is provided
  • C = Challenge Required; Additional authentication is required using the CReq/CRes
  • R = Authentication/ Account Verification Rejected; Issuer is rejecting authentication/verification and request that authorisation not be attempted.


2 charsConditional

transStatusReason in ARes message if Frictionless

transStatusReason in RReq message if Challenge

Required if present in 3DS message.

Values could be :

  • 01 = Card authentication failed
  • 02 = Unknown Device
  • 03 = Unsupported Device
  • 04 = Exceeds authentication frequency limit
  • 05 = Expired card
  • 06 = Invalid card number
  • 07 = Invalid transaction
  • 08 = No Card record
  • 09 = Security failure
  • 10 = Stolen card
  • 11 = Suspected fraud
  • 12 = Transaction not permitted to cardholder
  • 13 = Cardholder not enrolled in service
  • 14 = Transaction timed out at the ACS
  • 15 = Low confidence
  • 16 = Medium confidence
  • 17 = High confidence
  • 18 = Very High confidence
  • 19 = Exceeds ACS maximum challenges
  • 20 = Non-Payment transaction not supported
  • 21 = 3RI transaction not supported


2 charsConditional

challengeCancel in CReq if the buyer cancel in APP-BASED

challengeCancel in RReq if the buyer cancel in BROWSER-BASED

Required if present in 3DS message.

Values could be

  • 01 = Cardholder selected “Cancel”
  • 02 = 3DS Requestor cancelled Authentication.
  • 03 = Transaction Abandoned
  • 04 = Transaction Timed Out at ACS—other timeouts
  • 05 = Transaction Timed Out at ACS—First CReq not received by ACS
  • 06 = Transaction Error
  • 07 = Unknown


2 charsConditional

CB-Score in ARes

This field is CB Brand specific.

Required if present in 3DS message.


36 charsConditional

dsTransID in ARes message if frictionless

dsTransID in RReq message if challenge

dsTransID in Erro in case of error

Required if present in 3DS message.


36 charsConditional

acsTransID in ARes message if frictionless

acsTransID in RReq message if challenge

acsTransID in Erro in case of error

Required if present in 3DS message.


8 charsMandatory

messageVersion in ARes message if Frictionless

messageVersion in RReq message if Challenge


2 charsConditional

CB-USECASE in AReq message

purchaseInstalData2 charsConditional

purchaseInstalData  in AReq message


4 charsConditional

CB-EXEMPTIONS in ARes message

merchantName40 charsConditional

merchantName in AReq message

purchaseDate14 charsConditional

purchaseDate in AReq message

purchaseAmount48 charsConditional

purchaseAmount in AReq message

recurringExpiry8 charsConditional

recurringExpiry in AReq message

cardBrand20 charsMandatory

card type chosen by the merchant or the buyer (usefull in case of co-branded card)

added in containerVersion=2

Values could be : 

  • CB
  • VISA
  • AMEX
  • ...
browserIP in AReq message
added in containerVersion=2
merchantCountryCode in AReq message
added in containerVersion=2
acquirerBIN (lg max 11) in AReq message
added in containerVersion=2
acquirerMerchantID35 charsConditional
acquirerMerchantID in AReq message
added in containerVersion=2
threeDSRequestorName40 charsConditional
threeDSRequestorName in AReq message
added in containerVersion=2
threeDSRequestorID35 charsConditional
threeDSRequestorID in AReq message
added in containerVersion=2


3DS V2 fields are packed in an JSON container by Cardinal. The proposed structure is : JSON Container


Null fields must be absent of the JSon structure

Then the field is encoded in base64 (the charset is UTF-8) : B64 encode

    public void shouldGenerateBase64FromGson() {
        String json =
                "{\n" +
                "\"cavvAlgorithm\":\"1\",\n" +
                "\"effectiveAuthType\":\"FR\",\n" +
                "\"acsOperatorID\":\"CB-DS\",\n" +
                "\"merchantChallengeInd\":\"02\",\n" +
                "\"transStatus\":\"Y\",\n" +
                "\"transStatusReason\":\"\",\n" +
                "\"challengeCancelInd\":\"\",\n" +
                "\"schemeScore\":\"50\",\n" +
                "\"dsTransID\":\"96e4be73-1d59-429a-b4c1-439e5d9ad632\",\n" +
                "\"acsTransID\":\"d746c39c-17bc-4b4d-be56-fd9c0ad0877f\",\n" +
                "\"3DSversion\":\"2.1.0\"\n" +
        String jsonBase64 = Base64.encode(json.getBytes(StandardCharsets.UTF_8));"json : {}", jsonBase64);
        String jsonExpected = "ewoiY2F2dkFsZ29yaXRobSI6IjEiLAoiZWZmZWN0aXZlQXV0aFR5cGUiOiJGUiIsCiJhY3NPcGVyYXRvcklEIjoiQ0ItRFMiLAoibWVyY2hhbnRDaGFsbGVuZ2VJbmQiOiIwMiIsCiJ0cmFuc1N0YXR1cyI6IlkiLAoidHJhbnNTdGF0dXNSZWFzb24iOiIiLAoiY2hhbGxlbmdlQ2FuY2VsSW5kIjoiIiwKInNjaGVtZVNjb3JlIjoiNTAiLAoiZHNUcmFuc0lEIjoiOTZlNGJlNzMtMWQ1OS00MjlhLWI0YzEtNDM5ZTVkOWFkNjMyIiwKImFjc1RyYW5zSUQiOiJkNzQ2YzM5Yy0xN2JjLTRiNGQtYmU1Ni1mZDljMGFkMDg3N2YiLAoiM0RTdmVyc2lvbiI6IjIuMS4wIgp9";
        Assert.assertEquals(jsonExpected, jsonBase64);

JSON Container is designed for 3DS.