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The Payline API provides access to the different features of the Payline payment solution. It is based on standard "Web Service" components, which include the SOAP protocol and the WSDL and XSD definition languages.

You can communicate with the Payline API using:

  • SOAP

A network protocol allowing the transmission of messages between distant objects. It is object-oriented on XML and used for web services. 
The SOAP protocol is composed of two parts: an envelope, containing information on the message itself to allow its routing and processing, and a data model, defining the message format, i.e. the information to be transmitted.

To send SOAP messages to our EndPoint API with HTTPS, you must set up the content-type field of the HTTP header of the XML request.

SOAP is interesting for all types of volume and very useful for managing notifications.

The use of the Axis2 Java client with XMLBeans is very strongly recommended because it ensures a continuity of service in case of evolution of the Web Services.

The use of a Java Axis2 client is deprecated with ADB.