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This table shows the values for the "transStatus" parameter returned in the resultContainer object.

Indicates whether a transaction qualifies as an authenticated transaction or account verification.

The MPI Result from verifyEnrollmentResponse include thoses values.



YAuthentication/Account verification successful ( Success during enrollment ).
NNot Authenticated/Account not verified. Transaction denied ( Failure during enrollment ).
UAuthentication/Account verification could not be performed ( Enrollment unavailable ).
AAuthentication/Verification was attempted but could not be verified.

Challenge Required. Additional authentication is required using a Challenge (transient status).

Success during enrollment V2 and CReq to send.

RAuthentication/Account verification rejected by the Issuer.
IInformation Only ( TRA - Acquirer response : TRA Accepted ) : Authentication successful.

Challenge requis. Authentification découplée confirmée (NOT USED).

XAuthentication / Verification unavailable (No response from DS/ACS).

Requiring an Secure Payment Confirmation authentication  (NOT USED).