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In compliance with PCI - DSS security standards , Payline regularly updates the set of third-party resources used by its applications. For information, an upgrade of JavaScript libraries is done on the production and certification platforms. 

Migrating the jQuery library

Payline will upgrade JavaScript libraries. This migration will modify (or even delete) certain functionalities. We invite you to read the following communication carefully.
The update concerns the jQuery library (jquery-1.11.2 to jquery-3.4.1.min.js). 

This library is currently used for the internal operation of the Widget and payment web pages v2 (PWP v2).
Historically, this library included in Payline was accessible via the Payline.Jquery command (…) and certain customizations of payment pages still use it.

We invite you to respect the practice and not to use the library included in Payline. You must imperatively import your own version in order to avoid any adhesion between your developments and Payline.

How to proceed ?

To update your library, you must contact your technical contact (web agency, integrator, webmaster, etc.) who will be able to do the necessary operations if necessary.

The Payline calendar

Until the end of June 2020, a transition phase will consist in testing the new version of the library in the version of Payline 4.61 while retaining backward compatibility in order to leave you the possibility of testing and carrying out the necessary developments, in approval and in production.

Given the current context, the removal of backward compatibility for Jquery libraries will be effective in version 4.63 of Payline:
- In homologation, the removal will take place on 22th june 2020
- In production, it is scheduled for 8th july 2020

In July 2020, only the jquery-3.4.1.min.js will be kept and the backward compatibility will be removed.

Stay informed !

Payline regularly shares information via . Do not hesitate to subscribe to receive the latest news directly in your mailbox. 

The Payline Support team