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The server certificate of the  URL expires on 19/06/2020 
The certification chain also changes (Root + intermediate).

Why new certificates ?

Security is one of Payline's priorities. Like all certificates, they can expire or be reinforced by new ones.
Regularly, Payline may ask you to ensure that your site will correctly accept the new certificates updated.
In order to know if you have an action to perform, we suggest that you contact your host or developer.

Our support is obviously at your disposal for any questions via our form . 

How to check the presence of certificates on your IS ?

1 st  control point: Presence of the final certificate "" in your IS

SHA-1 footprint

keytool -v -list -keystore [YOUR_TRUSTSTORE] | grep ‎ 21:42:7E:B2:BE:F6:43:B1:0D:85:E2:F7:4B:12:B2:1A:88:A2:A0:13

  • If you find a result, it is necessary to add the new services.payline.com_2020.crt certificate   as an attachment, otherwise you have nothing to do.

2nd control point: Presence of "the certification chain" in your IS

SHA-1 footprint

keytool -v -list -keystore [YOUR_TRUSTSTORE] | grep 90: 2E: F2: DE: EB: 3C: 5B: 13: EA: 4C: 3D: 51: 93: 62: 93: 09: E2: 31: AE: 55

  • If you find a result, it is necessary to add the new  BundleCA.crt  provided as an attachment, otherwise you have nothing to do.

If you are using a certificate, you will find below the operations to perform:

  • Verification of the presence or not of the current certificates from  in your production certificate store.
  • If the current certificates are present on your SI, you must then install the certification chain (BundleCA) in your certificate store (Truststore / Keystore) and also the public certificate ( )  before 11/06/2020 (the certificates to be installed are attached). 

Monext installs the new certificate on the network equipment after the traders' operations => we anticipate  the change on 06/11/2020 at 06:00 .

Current certificate visible from the browser:


Download certificates

You can find the certificates by downloading this file:

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