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To know the transaction status, you just need to check the ShortMessage

The ShortMessage provides the transaction status and the LongMessage gives a more information with the return code. The lifecycle of a transaction shown below, can take 4 definitive states: REFUSED, CANCELLED, ERROR, ACCEPTED and 3 temporary states INPROGRESS, ONHOL_PARTNER, PENDING_RISK :

ShortMessage ValuesDescription
ACCEPTEDRequest realized with succes or transaction accepted
REFUSEDOperation refused
CANCELLEDOperation cancelled
ERROROperation failed
INPROGRESSOperation processing (temporary states)
ONHOLD_PARTNEROperation pending status from partner (temporary states)
PENDING_RISKOperation pending acceptance from fraud module (temporary states)

Whatever the mode of use of the Payline payment solution: in direct interface mode, webpayment, TPEV, batch interface or via the Administration Center, you will find below the list of codes and messages.

Return codes used by Payline API services :

The return codes of the message are returned by the result object and code ShortMessage.

You can also view the life cycle of the return code