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Payline interfaces with your e-commerce site and allows your customers to pay with ease. Payline meets the security standards of card payments on e-commerce sites. 

Payline payment pages are the solution you need for your online store. They allow you to outsource all card data functions to Payline, allowing you to take advantage of a simplified  PCI DSS self-declaration (SAQ A) process .

Customizable according to the graphic charter of your sign and adaptable according to the device of the consumer, they integrate all the features to improve the conversion rate such as: scan the card number on a mobile, 1-click payment , the suggestion of a means of payment in case of refusal, etc.

Payment Checkout

Payline supports the acquisition, control and electronic payment processing of your customer's payment information. Two integration points are enough to create a payment request and recover the result of the transaction.

The payment checkout is the same whatever the desired user experience for your shop.

  1. The consumer fills his basket and clicks the "pay" button. 
    The merchant contacts Payline to initiate a payment (first integration point) and displays the Payline payment form.

  2. Your customer selects his method of payment and informs his payment details securely on Payline 
    In the event of validation, an authorization request will be made to the buyer concerned, in addition to the internal fraud controls of the payment platform. . In the case of using the 3DSecure option, a redirection to a 3D-Secure ACS will occur before the authorization request.

  3. The payment made, Payline can present a proof of payment and send a confirmation e-mail transaction to the buyer and / or the merchant (optional).

  4. The merchant confirms the order to the consumer. 
    The merchant contacts Payline (second point of integration) to obtain the details of the payment result. 
    At your convenience, Payline can support calling a URL on your site to trigger the request for a payment result (automatic payment notification).

You can customize the user experience by hosting on your shop the choice of payment methods, or prefer a display "on one page" means of payment. 
Displaying the payment ticket on Payline pages is optional. Web Page modes support 3D Secure. 

Integration mode and user experience

Several types of user experience in Payline web pages are available for your shop:

In Widget mode, Payline injects the payment form on your web page

  • In-Shop mode : with tab or column widget integration;

  • Lightbox mode : with widget integration superimposed on the page;

  • Shortcut mode  : with the widget integration with a Pay button next to the basket.


Payline payment web pages are translated into the following languages:

  • Français (fr / fr / fre)
  • English (en / eng)
  • Spanish (es / spa)
  • Portuguese (por / pt)
  • German (ger / deu / of)
  • Finnish (end / fi)
  • Italien (it / ita)
  • Danish (da)
  • Czech (cs)
  • Dutch (dut / nl / nld)
  • Polish (pl)
  • Hungarian (hu)
  • Norwegian (no)
  • Greek (the)
  • Estonian (and)
  • Slovak (sk)
  • Swedish (sv)