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What is duplicate check?

The duplicate check avoids carrying out several identical transactions.
When several identical requests are made, Monext Online checks the date of day D and the day before D-1, the order reference, the amount and the transaction sequence number.

(warning)The duplicate feature does not process transactions beyond D and D-1.


The duplicate occurs when a buyer clicks several times on the Pay button, a validation carried out several times...

For an ACCEPTED transaction only, Payline performs a duplicate check during the payment request ( doAuthorization and doWebPayment ), the refund ( doRefund ) and the validation ( doCapture ).

If the transaction is detected as a duplicate then an transaction ISDUPLICATED indicator is valued in return from the doWebPayment  and doAuthorization services.

If you want to perform a new identical transaction without the duplicate check blocking the transaction, you can increment the sequence number   sequenceNumber  only during validation in the doCapture and doRefund services.


Vous pouvez configurer le contrôle doublon au niveau du moyen de paiement si le celui propose l'option : liste des moyens de paiement


In the Monext Online backoffice, you can configure the duplicate check in the payment method configuration, if the one offers the option : check the payment method list.

Return codes 

If a duplicate is detected, then Monext Online returns an error.

Return codes - Payline Back (01)

  • ShortMessage ERROR with code 01913

Return codes - Payline Front (02)

  • ShortMessage ERROR with code 02001, 02002

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