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How to make a payment page ?

There are differents ways to integrate Payline checkout into your website. To start you need to create a test account and in few steps you can make a payment.

1. Create a test account

To register a test account, you have to send a request at with merchant informations.

2. Set up your test account 

Configure point of sale and test Terminal Payment Virtual. Integrate Payline API to set up payment steps.

3. Perform test transactions

Depending on integration mode, perform test operations with the payment methods you want to use in production.

4. For production

Sign a contract with Payline to set up your TPV in Payline back office.

We recommend that you define the needs and realize the integration step by step. Pilot production is recommended to check the purchase workflow and validate the payment.

Payment checkout

4 steps are required to complete the order. Once all items are selected by the buyer, the payment checkout takes place until the order validated by the merchant.

  1. The merchant site offers a choice of payment methods on its website, app mobile or on a Payline page ;

  2. The buyer enters his payment information on payment page. For a best user experience, all steps are in same web page.
    At this point, Payline receives the payment request sent by the merchant. Payline checks all informations, do the internal fraud controls and do an authorization request to the aquirer ;

  3. In case of using 3DSecure option, a redirection to 3D-Secure page occur before authorization request. This step is optional ;

  4. The payment validated, a payment receipt is presented to the shopper by Payline or merchant (optional). The merchant confirm the order.

Checkout overview

Payline offers two ways to integrate  Web Page interface  or Direct Payment interface.

The quickest is to integrate though our Web Page with API Payline in Widget mode. You need to set up you server and add a few lines of code to you webpage.  

Compare integrations ways :

Web Page


Payment Method

all Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal and more

all Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal and more




User Interface


not provided

Supported languages



Langues supportées


not provided

3D Secure



Integrations type

Widget interface in Lightbox and Inshop mode

Redirect page

Iframe mode


Ajax mode 

Direct Mode