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The principle

To evaluate the status of a payment request, transaction or webservice calls, the merchant must retrieve the value of the ShortMessage.

The ShortMessage of the message provides the status of the transaction and the LongMessage gives a more precise description with its return code.

The lifecycle of a transaction shown below, can take 4 definitive states: REFUSED, CANCELLED , ERROR, ACCEPTED and 3 temporary states INPROGRESS, ONHOL_PARTNER, PENDING_RISK:

The different states

Payline offers a grouping of return codes and states is defined as shown below:

ShortMessage: Transaction 

LongMessage :
Type de message




Technical rejection

"Invalid" ou "Error"

The payment was abandoned due to an unrecoverable technical error. Payline proceeds to a regularization with the means of payment (final state).02301 - Transaction Id Invalid

Format problem

Value problem

Not treatable by Payline, the data sent by the merchants are wrong.02305 - Invalid field Format
ERROR"Internal Server Error"System error.01199 - GTM Internal Error
ACCEPTEDacceptedPayment is accepted (final state)00000
CANCELLEDcanceledPayment has been abandoned (end state)

02319 - Cancelled by user

03022 - Abandon 3DSecure

  • One click on the 'cancel' button
  • A return to the merchant's pages via the previous browser button.
  • A closing of the browser before the termination of the payment ERROR The payment was abandoned due to a non-recoverable technical error. Payline proceeds to a regularization with the means of payment.

Value problem

Input error. The data sent by the holder is incorrect.
  • Expired date, invalid card.
REFUSEDRefusal fraudPayment is declined for Fraud (end state).

03xxxx - 3DSecure

04xxxx - LCLF

REFUSEDFunctional refusal

Refus fonctionnel de type : Not authorized / Not Allowed.

REFUSEDRefusal Issuer / PartnerRefusal of the acquirer / issuer / payment method.
PENDING_RISKRisk alert on this payment

Payment accepted with reservation (temporary state).

The merchant must validate or refuse the payment.

04001 et 04003 - Fraud suspected.

  • The anti-fraud module suspects a fraudulent transaction that must be blocked.
  • Payment 'pending risk' Paypal (where the merchant must perform an action on the PayPal backoffice).
ONHOLD_PARTNERWaiting for the partner's return

The payment was paid by the payment partner and put on hold for later decision making (temporary status).

The final decision (accepted or refused) will be communicated by the partner without intervention of the merchant.

  • Credit file under review.
  • Coupon to validate (Ex.:Boleto).
  • Payment 'pending' Paypal.
INPROGRESSWaiting for the buyer's returnThe buyer is in the process of being seized (temporary state)

The functions

Currently return codes are used in:

  • Payline API Webservices
  • Transaction Files: CSV Export
  • All the specific reports of traders