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This Web Service allows merchant to verify that the buyer's card is 3DSecure compatible and allows you to directly retrieve a PAN token and CVV temporary that you can keep in session without security constraints during 3DSecure authentication.

The verifyEnrollmentRequest message must have the following structure.







versionPayline web services version. To be valued with the latest version: see the table of versions.YesN218
cardCard InformationYesObject card

paymentPayment InformationYesObject payment
The amount can be 0 if the card is 3DS

The identifier of the order at the merchant

Deprecated, fill out the order object instead

mdFieldValueValue of merchantData (This value must be unique). Field use is not recommended.NoAN20OS0hZDbJH75NiDrAo0yo
userAgentUserAgent of payment terminal. To know the origin of payment request, it will be transmitted during  request 3DS to MPI.NoAN255Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko
walletIdThe identifier of buyer's wallet. NoAN50
Version 10 or higher
walletCardIndThe index of buyer's card registered in wallet.NoAN5
Version 10 or higher
generateVirtualCvxRequest to generate a virtual CVV. Check if your subscription allows this feature (Tokenization).NoBooleanTrueVersion 16 or higher
merchantNameName displayed on the ACS authentication pageNoAN25Merchant nameVersion 16 or higher
merchantURLSpecific use. You must contact support before use.
Value accepted: Fully qualified URL (beginnning with http:// ou https://)
NoAN255https://www.payline.comVersion 29
merchantCountryCodeSpecific use. You must contact support before use.
Format : ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes

Version 29

The URL of the system that receives the CRes message or Error Message

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)
orderOrder Information YesObject order

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

buyerBuyer informationYesObject buyer

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

submerchantPayment Facilitator InformationNoObject subMerchant

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

recurringRecurring or installment informationNoObject recurring

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

threeDSinfoInformation specific to 3DS authenticationYesObject threeDSInfo

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)


Merchant calculated score. Mainly for CB scoring.

NoANMethod 023 : A+

Version 21 or higher (3DSV2)

transientData to populate the 3DSV2 containerNoJava = String (100 K Octets) et SQL = CLOB 
Version 22 or higher (3DSV2)

List containing privateData

Number of items 0 to 100

NoObject - privateData
Version 22 or higher (3DSV2)