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The return codes of the LCLF module related to Payline anti-fraud rules.

Codes and messages will be returned by the Result object.

04000ACCEPTEDTransaction accepted
04001PENDING_RISKTransaction accepted
04002REFUSEDFraud detected
04003PENDING_RISKFraud suspected
04101ERRORMissing field
04102ERRORIncorrect RuleName
04103ERRORDuplicate data
04104ERRORField value must be null
04301REFUSEDData not found
04302REFUSEDEmpty list
04303ERRORConfiguration not found
04401REFUSEDChallenge requested (3DS Requestor preference)
04402REFUSEDChallenge requested (Mandate)
04403REFUSEDNo preference
04901ERRORSystem error
04902ERRORUnauthorized service access


041XX - Input error

043XX - Output error

049XX - System error