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What is Paylib ?

Paylib is payment method using electronic wallets (also called wallet) offered by the consortium of  main French Issuing banks (ARKEA, CA, BNPP, SG, LBP, Hello Bank, Boursorama, BP, Caisse d'Epargne, CM and CIC).
Paylib integrates Visa, Mastercard and local French Cartes Bancaires cards.

Its aims at simplifing and reliable online payments :

  • Online shopper no longer needs to enter card information (PAN, expiration date, CVC).
  • Paylib optimizes cardholder authentication by adapting it according to the risk calculated for each transaction.

More information :

Available functions

In summary, this payment method allows :

  • full payments
  • deferred payments (at shipping for example)
  • total or partial capture
  • payment cancellation
  • total or partial refund.
  • Payment Facilitator.

Synchronous / asynchronous processing

Payment processing is carried out in asynchronous mode. 

Thus, the payment method is available only in Webpayment mode.

What is the user experience ?

The user experience of a payment comes down to:

  1. the shopper validates his order and initiate payment (on merchant site).
  2. he chooses the Paylib (Payline) payment method.
  3. he is redirected to Paylib login screen (Paylib)
  4. he connects to his Paylib account
  5. he chooses his card
  6. he authenticates (Paylib).
  7. he is redirected to the payment form and gets the result (and optionnally his payment receipt)the ticket (Payline).
  8. he returns to the merchant website.

The figure above gives the sequencing of the pages. Note that pages 2 and 7 are optional

Payment flow of a web payment

On your e-commerce site, your customer clicks on the “pay” button to proceed to payment for their order.
Your site contacts Payline to complete a transaction.
Payline returns a session token and the URL to use to redirect your customer to the Payline web pages.

Step 1: Choice of payment method

Step 2 : Redirection to the PAYLIB authentication page

Step 3 : Confirmation of the transaction from PAYLIB

Step 4 : Payment receipt then redirection to the merchant site

Payment with PAYLIB with enrolled smartphone

Payment by mobile via PAYLIB requires installing the PAYLIB application and registering the user account on it.

Once the PAYLIB payment method has been selected on the merchant site, the user is redirected to his PAYLIB application in order to authenticate and finalize his purchases.

Step 1 : Pay for purchases

Step 2 : PAYLIB application management interface

Step 3 :Retrieving payment information

What reporting is available ?

Monitoring of transactions from the Payline back office

On the back office you can view the transaction realized with the PAYLIB payment method.

Reporting file

Payline integrates the PAYLIB reporting files, which allow you to monitor transactions in PAYLIB backoffice and find them out in your Payline settlement reports.
This file can be:

  • Either generated manually via the administration center. In the Payment transactions menu, click Export your transactions.
  • Either generated automatically daily and sent by a secure file transfer.